Essentials for a new arrival

Have a baby on the way? Don’t worry, there are many options on DoneDeal to help kit out a nursery for your new arrival affordably Kitting out a nursery – like all other preparation for a new baby – can be a very expensive business. Decorating costs alone, for paint, wallpaper etc, can mount up, and that’s before you even begin to look at cots or other equipment. The first thing to remember when planning a room for a new arrival is not to panic. A baby’s first six months will be spent in your room anyway, so although you’ll need a Moses basket or cot straight away, you do not need the nursery to be in move-in condition the day you return from hospital. A less rushed approach will give you more time to look at what is available in terms of used nursery furniture and equipment. A browse through the Mother, Baby & Child section will turn up plenty of money-saving options including Moses baskets, cots, changing tables and baby monitors as well as more decorative items such as mobiles. When making the bigger purchases, follow our tips below to make sure you get the best of the bunch. Moses baskets Only suitable for your baby’s first four to six months, Moses baskets are one of the purchases you’ll get least value out of – all the more reason to consider saving on them. They are not essential (you can put your baby straight into a cot) but are cosier for a newborn, and portable. When inspecting: ensure the handles are sturdy and meet in the middle for ease of carrying if it comes with a stand, test it for stability if it comes with a mattress, discard it and buy a new one Cots Your baby will (hopefully!) spend many hours asleep in their cot, so this is an important item to get right. When inspecting a cot: make sure the bars are no more than 6.5cm apart if the cot has a collapsible side (used to turn it into a bed when the baby gets bigger), make sure it stays up when it is supposed to check for obvious teeth marks around the top – it should be of a durable material make sure there are no grooves or footholds around the inside As with Moses baskets, buy a new mattress Changing tables Don’t be fooled by the functional-sounding name; the humble changing table has evolved into a piece of furniture in its own right, along with the price tag. But you don’t need the world’s prettiest – just one that will do the job. When inspecting: make sure the height suits your height check for raised edges and, ideally, a safety harness to prevent roll-off changing tables can take up a lot of space – make sure you have adequate room (you’ll need to be able to access the drawers as well as use the top) Baby monitors These bring great peace of mind in the early days; most are digital, and you can opt for an audio-only or video version. When considering: make sure there are no loose or broken plastic components check that wires are intact, and no longer than 20cm avoid monitors that look like they have been patched up in any way #BabyampKids #BabyWear #Toys