Equine News!

Our new Equine subsections We’ve had loads of great feedback and suggestions around our recent updates to our Horses and equine section. From this we’ve been able to put some even better tools, sections and searches in place for all things Equine. This is how we hope it will work: Equine Animals – with four subsections, so you can review all the ads combined or individually – Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Donkey’s Horse Transport – this section was just Horseboxes but we found there were a lot of lorries and trailers still going into horses. This should be where all items used to transport horses should be advertised. Driving Equipment – this section is new and is for all carts, carraiges, harrows and sulkies so anything that can be pulled by a horse should be advertised here. Equine Services – this section is as it was, for any livery or service offered to people who own or care for any equine animals. Equine Noticeboard – this section is new and is for all upcoming events, educational courses, services offered and similar equine community news. Bedding & Feed from our farming section and Equestrian from our Sports & Leisure section are sections that we feel may interest you when you are interested in our Equine Section. You’ll also notice when placing an ad for an equine animal that we now ask for their height & gender. This is help us build NEW searches so that you’ll be able to search by Height or Gender very soon.  Don’t forget that you can also use the “advance search options” to refine by price range. It’s all very exciting and we really appreciate all the help from our DoneDealers to make our Equine section the best it can be. #Horses