DoneDeals New Message Centre!

We’re always working hard to enhance the features for our DoneDealers and I hope you’ve noticed lots of improvements via “My DoneDeal”  in recent months. The great news is that we are not done yet! We have been reviewing all your feedback and noticed that lots of you wanted us to make some improvements to how DoneDealers contact each other via ads on the site. People wanted an option that was quick and in some cases even could be used as a quick alternative to a phone call! We already had a really cool Safemail system which kept your email address details safe for you, but we wanted to enhance this to make it more efficient, user friendly and most importantly, faster to chat with buyers and sellers. Now, thanks to our cool new Message Centre, you can message DoneDealers straight through DoneDeal, without having to check your email at all! You’ll have an inbox in your “My DoneDeal” dashboard where you can check and reply to your messages without have to click away from DoneDeal at all. We were so excited about this that we have now also integrated it into our iOS & Android Apps. To get the best experience ensure you have the latest version of the app on your device. We’ll still send you a notification that you’ve received a message to your own email, but this way if you don’t like checking your emails that often, you won’t miss a thing. We hope you like what we’ve done! If you have any feedback or comments please contact us, we’d be delighted to hear from you 😀