DoneDealers know how to make it to Pay Day!

Loads of Irish people are selling their unwanted gifts online order to make some extra cash in January, according to our recent nationwide survey of over 1,000 adults in Ireland. As January is an infamously challenging month financially for many people, the practice of selling unwanted Christmas gifts online and ‘regifting’ presents is becoming more popular and more popular. Sell your stuff on today Our annual post-Christmas survey found that 4 in 10 adults (40%) would consider selling unwanted Christmas gifts online in order to make some money, highlighting the increasing trend of passing off unwanted gifts. Younger adults are more likely to consider parting with undesirable presents this way, with half of 16-24 year olds and another 50% of 25-34 year olds most willing to sell gifts online to boost their funds. Those living in Connaught/Ulster were most willing to consider selling unwanted gifts in the future (45%) compared to 42% of those in Leinster, 40% of Dublin residents and just 33% in Munster. The survey also revealed that over 1 in 10 adults (12%) have already sold an unwanted gift online before to make some extra cash. The survey found that one third of Irish people have ‘regifted’ a present to a friend or loved one after it was given to them as a gift by someone else. The research highlights that 36% of Irish adults have re-wrapped an item that was already given to them and gifted it to someone else. The practice is more common among women, with 46% more likely to do this compared to just 25% of men ever ‘regifting’. 673 ads were placed on DoneDeal on Christmas Day 2014, and another 1,566 ads were placed on St. Stephen’s Day. The trend of placing ads around Christmas is sharply on the rise; the number of ads placed on on Christmas Day has gone up over 70% since 2012, while the number of ads placed on Stephen’s Day has gone up by nearly 25% in the same period. It seems this year it’s all about tech for regifting online, as the top ads placed were for Xboxes, iPhones, Samsung phones and PlayStation 3s. People were also busy searching for new tech around Christmas, with top searches including iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, PlayStation 4s and iPads. Other unwanted gifts you could pick up on DoneDeal include brand new Orla Kiely and Michael Kors handbags, unworn Timberland boots, an untouched men’s shaving set, and even a new pair of snowboard bindings. We think it’s great to see so many people are now buying and selling online in Ireland, both before and after Christmas. The number of ads placed and items sold on DoneDeal over the festive period shows us that Irish consumers love a bargain. Why leave any unwanted or unused gifts lying around your home when you can sell them online and make some cash for yourself?