DoneDeal to your heart’s content

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I found this present on DoneDeal just for you.” It may not be the most heart-racing message to put on a Valentine’s card, but if you’re in a panic about finding the perfect rosemantic gift for the love of your life (or the girl/guy you’ve been seeing for the past few weeks) DoneDeal might just be the place to search. Using the DoneDeal app for Android or iPhone you can easily search for presents without your other half getting suspicious. (Or if you’re searching from work or home on a computer why not try the ‘incognito’ option in settings to cover your traces). Show your heart is in it with DoneDeal Whether it’s on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or you just want to show your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife that you care, DoneDeal is full of desireable items for sale Last minute Valentine’s tips If you’re searching in a rush, it’s important not to run away with yourself or end up empty handed. Here’s some tips on how to choose something thoughtful. Stuck for inspiration If you are completely stumped about what to buy the man or woman who has everything but still expects something special on Valentine’s Day or other important days, DoneDeal has plenty of choice. Browse relevant sections One of the best ways to get around DoneDeal is to browse by relevant section. This will help Cupid’s arrow hit on the ideal gift to show the man or woman you love, how much you care for them. Some sections to get you started include: Motor, Electronics; Holidays & Tickets, Fashion & Health and dare we say it… Wedding Jewellery. Search Search for words such as ‘romantic’, ‘Valentine’, ‘anniversary’, ‘love’, ‘lingerie’ if you’re both into mushy and traditional romantic ways of displaying your affection. If there’s a specific brand or item your loved one is passionate about, type that into the search box. Location Set the location to a county near you or your province. This will bring up items for sale that are close by. You don’t want to ruin a romantic dinner because you’re wrecked from crossing the country! Trade or private If you’re only available out of traditional retail hours to view or buy an item, click on ‘Show Private Ads’ only. If you’re only interested in dealing with official traders then click on ‘Show Private Ads’. Not fussy? Click on both! Set your budget You could get carried away on an adrenaline rush of romanticism so be realistic about what you can afford. Click on ‘More Search options’ to set a minimum or maximum price you’d like to spend. Don’t let it backfire Each to their own when it comes to what is or isn’t romantic. However, there’s a general consensus that anything overly domestic or that may make someone paranoid about their appearance should be avoided. Washing machines, a pair of trainers or a tracksuit, gym membership, a Wii Fit, food processor, kitchen knives, coal shovel etc, might just dampen the romantic spirits if given to the wrong person on the wrong day of the year. #ValentinesDay #Wedding