DoneDeal now offers even more

With many new categories added to our website – from Field Sports to Maternity – it’s now even easier to find what you’re looking to buy or to sell your unwanted items Here at DoneDeal we’re always improving our site to give buyers and sellers the best possible experience. In September 2011 we expanded our sections even more – by 30 more categories to be precise! As the number of ads put on to DoneDeal increases, we need to make sure that we’re covering all bases as people realise the extent of what they can sell on DoneDeal. So what does that mean for you, the buyer and seller? Buyers Well, if you’re a buyer, it means that when you’re browsing through the website by category, it is easier to find the specific items that you’re looking for. It also means you might find something you hadn’t even thought you could get here. (Ladies, we now have a handbag section!) Sellers As we’ve explained above to your potential customers, we want to make it even easier for people to find items to buy on DoneDeal. The more categories we add, the easier it is for people to find your ad. If you’re thinking about selling something on DoneDeal or hadn’t really considered it before, start your sales strategy by first looking at all our sections. This will give you an idea of the best category to add your items for sale to and also give you ideas of what you may have that you could sell on. New categories As we explained in a previous blog post, we have many new sections, from Modified Cars to Scooters to Field Sports to Maternity. We’ve also greatly expanded our Livestock, Musical Instruments and Business sections. To help all you sellers out there, here’s some tips on what unused/unwanted items lying around the house, garage, attic, yard or your business premises you could sell on. Doors, Windows, Conservatories There’s nothing like a lick or paint to brighten up a room is there? Well, we know that when it comes to home improvements there’s nothing like a new window or conservatory to really shed some light on your living space. Whether your home needs a new look or you’re being energy efficient with new doors and windows, you’ll find it in either Doors & Accessories or Windows & Conservatories. Garden & Landscaping Getting a new window or conservatory? You’ll need something nice to look out on, so find everything your garden and landscaping needs in our new sections: Garden Furniture & Decking for garden furniture, decking and sheds. In Gardening Equipment you’ll find things like mowers and tools (stuff for your shed). Plants & Landscaping is where you’ll find the likes of plants, patio items and decorative stones. Sports & Leisure If outdoor sports are your thing, you’ll need to bookmark our Field Sports section for helmets, soccer boots and hurls. You can find fishing rods in Sailing & Fishing while our equestrian DoneDealers can find tack, bridle, saddle, grooming and stirrups items under the Equestrian section. If you prefer a different type of horsepower, check out our Classic & Vintage Bikes section. (That’s motorbikes, no Penny Farthings here!) That’s just a taste of our changes – we hope you like them!