DoneDeal introduces ‘Voice Recognition’ feature!

Which is why we’re pleased to announce our new voice recognition feature. It’s a work in progress at the moment but we’re so excited about it we decided to give you all a sneak peek! We’ve added two voice commands to the search page, ‘next’ and ‘previous’. To use the new voice commands, lean forward towards the computer screen and say either ‘next‘ to go the next page of search results or ‘previous‘ to go back a page. Update: We’ve had a few reports from DoneDealers that voice commands aren’t always being recognised.  Our techies think this is because the voice recognition software we’re using was developed in Germany and it’s having trouble understanding some of our Irish accents. We will work on a fix for this before voice commands go live properly, but for now if you’re having trouble getting voice commands to work please try saying the commands in a German accent.