DoneDeal Charity Months hits €1million!

All those ads you’ve been placing over the past few years, all those times you shared and liked and commented and retweeted our #DoneDealCharityMonth posts have led to this great day and we just can not thank you enough – more than that, all the charities involved over the years can’t thank you enough! For those of you that don’t know, the DoneDeal Charity month initiative was started in February 2010 when DoneDeal had only three employees. Since then, a charity has been chosen every second month and for the duration of that month 10% of the cost of placing an ad has gone to the designated charity. As we grew, and more and more ads were placed, it was decided to split the money raised between three worthy charities – that’s a lot of charities that you have helped us to donate to! I’m not sure I can find the right words to tell you just how proud we are and just how thankful we are to all of you DoneDealers – you really just stand apart! DoneDealers have shown themselves time and time again to be so generous and helpful and just the best sort of people and we’re so so glad to be able to do this with you. The money donated throughout the years has had a huge impact on the chosen charities. Irish Therapy Dogs is one such charity, with €12,000 donated to their voluntary pet therapy organisation. Pamela Dempsey, Irish Therapy Dogs Chief Fundraising Officer, said the money donated “has kept our charity going, and has gone toward continuing to provide an irreplaceable pet therapy service to people with special needs in Ireland.” Blood Bike East is a volunteer organisation that delivers blood, blood products, breast milk and medical products by motorbike between the hospitals in Dublin and the Greater Leinster area free of charge. With the help of DoneDeal, their drivers have saved hospitals over €100,000 in transport costs since they started in 2013. Another organisation that put money raised by DoneDealers to invaluable use is Crumlin Children’s Hospital, who have spread the €50,000 donated to them from DoneDeal across various projects, including the opening of a new Children’s Cardiac Unit in the hospital. And they are just to name a few! We have worked with such amazing charities over the years that do simply life changing work every single day. We’ll have more charity month’s to come and we can’t wait to see how well they do. Thank you so much DoneDealers, we can’t stress it enough, you really have made such a difference to so many people!Charity Month Name of CharityAmount RaisedFeb 2010Simon€ 12,472.20Apr 2010MS Ireland€ 14,719.50Jun 2010Niall Mellon Township Trust€ 15,349.80Aug 2010Aware€ 17,021.70Oct 2010Carers Association€ 18,710.70Dec 2010Vincent de Paul€ 16,666.40Feb 2011Safe Ireland€ 23,580.60Apr 2011The Friends of St. Luke€ 23,822.10Jun 2011A Little Lifetime Foundation€ 25,443.30Aug 2011Irish Cancer Society€ 26,155.80Oct 2011Cystic Fibrosis Ireland€ 26,603.70Dec 2011Irish Heart Foundation€ 26,235.10Feb 2012Ard Aoibhinn€ 31,113.60Apr 2012Down Syndrome Ireland€ 32,115.60Jun 2012Barrettstown, Temple Street, Aoife & Aine Memorial€ 30,609.70Aug 2012Women’s Aid€ 33,260.00Oct 2012Irish Hospice Foundation€ 32,385.70Dec 2012Blood Bike East€ 32,309.60Feb 2013Crumlin Children’s Hospital€ 34,466.70Apr 2013Jack & Jill Foundation, Console, Heart Children Ireland€ 37,948.90Jun 2013Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, Irish Therapy Dogs, National Rehabilitation Hospital€ 36,374.40Aug 2013Muscular Dystrophy, MS Ireland, Wexford Arts Centre€ 39,393.30Oct 2013Epilepsy Ireland, Pomegranate, Neuroblastoma Research€ 38,271.30Dec 2013National Council for the Blind, St. Michael’s House, Cumas New Ross€ 37,759.00Feb 2014Make a Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Castlebar Social Services€ 38,089.80Mar 2014Hand in Hand, Solas Centre Waterford, Cunaimh Mhuire€ 39,759.00May 2014Wexford Disability Services, Cottage Autism Network, Windmill Therapeutic Training Unit and the Wexford Able-Disabled Club€ 40,254.00July 2014ISPCC, Barnardo’s, Bray Cancer Support€ 39,641.00Sept 2014Cystic Fibroses Ireland, Self Help Africa, St. Carthage’s House Lismore€ 35,116.00November 2014Wassa, Headway and Hugs€ 31,865.00January 2015LauraLynn, Wexford Women’s Refuge, Gay Switchboard Ireland€ 33,282.00March 2015South Tipperary Hospice Movement, Marie Keating Foundation, South East Solas Centre€ 37,287.00May 2015Capuchin Day Centre, Waterford Marine Search and Rescue, Golden Eagle Trust€ 37,517.00July 2015Waterford Hospice, Jockeys Emergency Fund and Crumlin Children’s Hospital€ 35,918.00September 2015Epilepsy Care Foundation, Feileacain (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland) and Aiseiri Addiction Recovery CentresTBC –

1st Oct 15 #Charity