DoneDeal’s Dog Appeal!

Everyone knows how cute and adorable little puppies are, but those little cuties do grow up and get bigger and are living beings that are depending on YOU to care for them.  Caring for them can be a very costly exercise, both for your time and your wallet! Our Dog Policy has always requested that no Dog ad on our site can use any words or photos that suggest in any way that a pup can be a Christmas present.  Any ad found to contain these, will have the details removed. It’s an old saying at this stage, but still so true: “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas“. To help us also ensure that pups are only rehomed when they are old enough, we have also updated our Dog Section to include a compulsory Dog Age field. It is not recommended that a pup be rehomed before the age of 8 weeks, so we’ve set that as the minimum age you can place a pup on our site.  On each new dog ad placed, you will now see the age of the pup/dog under the photo. If you spot any ad that seems to have tried to get around our system checks in regards to either of these areas, please report them to us by clicking “Report Ad” in the blue box beside the particular ad. If you are considering getting a dog, PLEASE think about it very seriously before you commit to your forever friend.  A recent article in the says that it can cost up to €30,000 to care for your dog over it’s lifetime. With the HUGE number of dogs in Ireland that are crying out for a home, we would LOVE to see our DoneDealers REHOMING a rescue dog from one of the many rescue’s around Ireland, including the ones that take part in our Rescue Section. With all this in mind, we are hoping to encourage people to plan the breeding of their dogs a little better, help find their pups forever homes and help make Ireland a better place for Dogs. Thank you so much to all the Dog lovers and DoneDealers for your continued support for Irish Dogs. Thanks to and DSPCA and Ireland AM for the BRILLIANT articles we linked to in this blog.