Don’t miss the big days out

Afraid you’ll be missing out on the fun days out with your friends this summer? Feel that festival or big wedding everybody is going to stretches your budget too much? Here’s a list of ways we can help you get there Keeping up with the Joneses. It’s something we’re all guilty of. While the country has been in recession we gradually learned that staying in was the new going out and that ‘no’ was actually a word. Still, you can’t say no to everything and the things that are most difficult are the ones that involve lots of craic. 5 events you can’t say no to The big wedding It’s a close friend, it’s a relation, it’s the big wedding of the year in the parish. Whether it’s on a sunny Spanish island or down the road, it’ll cost you a packet. Here’s how to make it affordable: Sell that expensive suit or rigout or maybe some accessories that you wore to the last big wedding and can’t wear again because everyone has long memories. Search the wardrobe for expensive, dressy clothes. Dry clean them Photograph them Make note of the brand and distinguishing features Post your ad on DoneDeal The music festival that everybody is going to You thought you were so over music festivals until you saw the line up or heard that everybody you know is going. Here’s how to make it affordable: Sell off your tickets for the other gigs you’d planned on going to Go through your camping gear and sell off what is surplus – do you really need the gas cooker? Go through your collection of vinyl, CDs and memorabilia and place an ad to see if there’s a market for it Sell off those box-sets and DVDs, and the few books you’re not emotionally attached to A day at the races It’s very hard to resist the opportunity of having a minor windfall at the races. However, you need to look really smart, especially if you’re interested in a Ladies Day competition; you need money for cocktails, champagne or just plain ol’ pints; and you need money to place bets with. From uncomfortable but pricey high heels to designer handbags and a rainbow selection of fascinators, a lady’s wardrobe is brimful of items. If you’re betting and afraid you’ve bad luck, using money that you never really had will make you feel better. Find items that you never use and sell them on. Ideal items are: Unwanted gifts Unworn clothes with the tags still on Gym/exercise equipment Vouchers Old phones/pieces of technology An exciting city break One way to pay for a city break is to rent out your home for a couple of weeks to tourists. Is your town having a festival, or do you live somewhere really beautiful and take it for granted? That hen or stag A hen or a stag can be a great excuse to have a break without your other half or children, so why not get them to help pay for it? Baby clothes and paraphernalia if you plan to have no more children Age and stage items your children have grown out of (and are not emotionally attached to) Old consoles and computer games Single, no children? Or just a spender? Then you may have accumulated more items than you need with all that disposable income or have reminders from a previous relationship that could net you some money. Stuff your ex bought you Stuff you know you don’t need and probably never needed. You’ll know what it is. #Finances #HolidaysampTickets #SportampHobbies #Wedding