Declutter your home and escape to the sun

Sick of washed-out Irish summers, but lacking the funds for a sun holiday? A long-overdue spring clean of your house could generate cash for a break in the sun The odd day of sunshine over a three-month spell in Ireland isn’t quite sufficient for us to feel we’ve had enough vitamin D for one year. Heading to sunnier climes is all very well if you have the cash, but even bargain deals require quite a lot of savings. A quick look at the DoneDeal website will show you that there’s a dedicated section for nearly every unwanted item currently gathering dust at home. You’ll also pick up tips on how to properly categorise and market your unwanted possessions to attract buyers and get the best price. So, start clearing and get selling. Clothes The most obvious place to start when sorting through your clutter is never-worn clothing. Whether you’re male or female, there are bound to be dozens of items in your wardrobe or attic that you haven’t worn in years. DoneDeal’s Clothes section is huge. You can sell anything, including: women’s fashion men’s fashion shoes handbags belts babywear and equipment jewellery costume wear Books, CDs, DVDs Clothes aren’t the only items cluttering your house, so don’t stop there. You might as well do a major clear-out of all unwanted items to make the most money for your trip abroad. A quick browse through DoneDeal’s Music & Education section will give you a clear picture of which items sell well, including musical instruments, books, vinyls, CDs and DVDs. Parting with your old drum kit or your sci-fi collection could mean the difference between a three-star and four-star hotel. Or what about those DVD box sets that you know you’ll never watch again – no matter how bad a summer lies ahead? Just think, you could even get 10 days abroad instead of a week. Electrical items What about all the technology you’ve accumulated? Getting rid of used electrical goods can be a nightmare, but you might not have realised that there’s a great market for it. Sell on unused gadgets in good condition via the Electronics section of DoneDeal. You could certainly add to your holiday spending money by selling the likes of: phones cameras DVD players games and consoles computers printers hard drives Bon voyage So the next time your friends suggest  a week away in Lanzarote, or the kids are moaning about the lack of sunshine – don’t think ‘I can’t afford a holiday’. Get onto DoneDeal and see what sort of items people are looking for. Then start in the attic and work your way down and start selling. Next stop, the airport. #Schoolholidays #Holidays #Declutter #HolidaysampTickets #Winter #Summer