De-cluttering your baby’s belongings

Saying goodbye to toddlers’ toys or infant items is more tearful for mum or dad than an unsuspecting toddler, but a clear out can be liberating You don’t have to be ancient to remember the time when children had very few toys. Toys are everywhere The modern child, however, is spoilt for choice. There’s a Barbie for every occasion, as well as Disney princesses, Bratz, Monster High, Moxie Girls, and the accessories that accompany them. The boys’ market is flooded with Ben 10, ScoobyDoo, Bakugan, the Avengers and Super Heroes Squad. And both love Moshi Monsters. By the time your child reaches school-going age, you’ve already packed your house with all their baby and toddler toys. Think Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Peppa Pig and Bob the Builder memorabilia. Baby and toddler items Aside from the toys, there’s all those useful items you stocked up on before and during their first few years. The Moses basket you used for a whole two minutes. The feeding chairs you couldn’t use quick enough but no longer need. The car seats, which graduated from back-facing to forward-facing to having no back at all in what seems like the blink of an eye. Not to mention water and learning tables, ride-on cars, outside cottages, baby swings, clothes and much more. Making money If your family is now complete and you don’t have anybody to give your old items to, you really should consider putting unused toys and baby items up for sale. Selling on your old items can net you cash, which you can put aside for your child’s future, the latest technological gadget they’re after, or the summer’s activities. DoneDeal is the perfect place to make that money. What to sell? In its Mother, Baby & Child section, DoneDeal has a huge range of items, each of which are separated into different sections, making it easier for both the buyer and seller. Go through your house, look under the stairs and if you’ve got a shed make the dreaded trip out there to see what you have stored. Instead of throwing them away, see if they can make you some money. Preparing the items for sale Don’t be put off by things that are covered in dust. Get a good spray – though make sure it’s not corrosive – and spend some time cleaning and making them sparkle. You’d be surprised at the results. Safety considerations When it comes to car seats, buggies and electronic equipment, make sure they’re in working order. Car seats come with safety guidelines around using them after a car crash, so read on up on any specifications when it comes to these. Putting items up for sale Take photos of your items in a bright location so that potential buyers can see exactly what they’re getting. List all the benefits, and make sure you tell your audience if the item is barely used or hasn’t been used at all. Enjoy the moment Selling on your baby’s old toys and equipment can be an emotional time for parents but it can also be liberating as you de-clutter your house and make money in the process so enjoy it and the cash! #BabyampKids #BabyWear #Declutter #Toys