Create a picture perfect property to get high rent

Taking the time to make your property as attractive and welcoming as possible will boost demand by making prospective tenants feel right at home Is it a renter’s market or a landlord’s market? If you can’t sell your property, an important part of getting the best rent you can is to make a prospective tenant really want to live there. One of the ways to create demand is ‘property staging’, a popular tactic in selling properties. “It’s all about making the property as attractive as possible so that people can recognise the potential and its value,” explains Isabel Barros of Isabel Barros Architects who spoke to DoneDeal about how to stage a property for rental. Boost your kerb appeal It starts from outside, says Isabel. “The first impressions are very important. You want people to be attracted from the very first moment they approach the house.” You can: Ensure the lawn is mowed and edges are clean (if you have a front garden) Add colour with flowers and a potted plant at the entrance Make sure the windows are clean Consider the five senses Remember people have five senses and make them use them, suggests Isabel. Smell Make sure that the house smells fresh and clean, especially if there has been smoking or pets indoors. Open the windows a few hours beforehand Light a candle or add a neutral scent (but don’t go overboard) Bake croissants (use a ready mix or frozen package) If you, the landlord, are a smoker, get a non-smoking friend to do a smell check. “It’s all about showing the potential tenant that they will feel at home if they rent the property,” says Isabel. “Who doesn’t like croissants?” Touch You can dress beds and add fabrics for the purpose of viewing. Have a nice soft throw on a sofa or on a bed with soft, neutral-coloured bed linen to give the idea of comfort through touch. Taste Have a bowl of chocolate sweets at the door. Share them with prospective tenants; if they’ve viewed a number of properties, yours will stand out. Hearing Have background music at a low level in the bedroom or sitting room. This can add some atmosphere – we live our lives in our own houses with a background noise level rather than silence, explains Isabel. (A television on would not be appropriate though). Sight Cleanliness, eg sparkling sinks and clean carpets, is a must. Hide away household cleaning products, laundry baskets and ironing boards. “You don’t want to remind people they will have to do some work,” says Isabel. Take away everything that is not needed. Make sure people feel they have space without leaving a room too empty, says Isabel. You want people to feel the house is suitable for them or their personality or family, so: decor should be as neutral as possible reduce, declutter and depersonalise One difference between staging a house for sale and a house to let is that the viewer knows they will get the property completely empty. Irish properties are generally furnished so people will expect that what they see is what they get. Place an ad on the DoneDeal property to let section. #HouseampDIY #Property #Propertytolet #Renting