Clear out your wardrobe and fill your pockets

We all have next-to-new shoes and never-worn accessories taking up space. Now is the perfect time for a clear-out – sell what you’re not using and make money for a whole new summer wardrobe Instead of letting your accessories take up valuable space, why not sell them on, and make some cash for yourself? Things move fast in the fashion world and it costs money to stay on top of the latest trends. DoneDeal’s Clothes & Lifestyle section has an entire sub-section on accessories for those in the market for both buying and selling. It’s only by sorting through what you have that you realise the amount of items you could make money from. Equally, if you have an event coming up and you need a piece of jewellery or a bag to finish off an ensemble, then look no further. Shoes They say you can never have enough shoes, but are you actually wearing them all? A wardrobe filled with wedges, kitten heels and stilettos is all very well, but if you can’t remember the last time you wore them it’s time for a clear-out. For the seller – make sure you highlight the quality of the items you are selling. For example: take photos of the shoes to show they’re in good condition display them in boxes if possible for a ‘new look’ effect sell them in separate lots according to size, colour or style make sure to highlight designer products state whether they are nearly new or have never been worn Handbags Do you have a pile of handbags stacked at the bottom of your wardrobe? There’s a huge market for handbags of all shapes and sizes on DoneDeal, ranging from cheap and cheerful High Street brands to exclusive designer items. If the bag you’re advertising is valuable and from a limited edition range, then this is a major selling point. In general, with any bag: take good clear photos that show exact colours measure the item and give the dimensions hold onto receipts as proof of original value and authenticity give a detailed features description, such as multi-pockets, zips, etc describe the material and highlight if the bag is real leather add matching purse/shoes, if an option Jewellery They may not take up as much space, but never-worn jewellery and watches could make you a tidy profit on DoneDeal. Gold, silver and white gold jewellery items and watches, as well as all types of costume jewellery. Catalogue your jewellery according to metal and type and keep matching sets together. Ensemble items You can group together a range of accessories in order to get a better price on DoneDeal. For example, if you have matching shoes and handbag and complimentary jewellery that you bought for an occasion, photograph and sell them as an ensemble piece. Have a look through your jewellery box and see if any of the ‘bling within’ matches other accessories you have. Remember – you’re making life easier for the buyer by helping to accessorise an outfit while also making money for yourself. Find inspiration on DoneDeal’s fashion page. #Declutter #Fashion