Clean up on a car sale

So, you want to sell your car on Done Deal and most likely you want to sell it quickly and at good price. Well then, consider this; when you bought the car you are now selling on, what made you fall in love with it? When you bought your own car were you in awe of its beauty? Were you dazzled by that shine? Did it make you feel like you just had to have it no matter what the cost, because it would in your mind make you feel like a better you? Make someone fall for your car Sadly, now time has passed and your love affair with your car is over and you want out. You’ve both grown older (and perhaps a bit shabby around the edges) and let’s be honest if your car would talk it would say “He traded me in for a younger model, I’m convinced it was a mid life crisis”. But you’re not going to part ways without some gain, so here’s what you need to do, you need to make your car look amazing. You need to blow the competition right out of the water. And we’re going to show you how. Make an effort and make more money The obvious choice is to get the car down to the local car wash, bring it home and do a quick vacuum. Satisfied, you’ll snap a few photos with your camera or phone and place an ad on DoneDeal. If you want to have the edge and you want to get the best price and you can do so with a little more effort. The aim of the game is to make someone fall in love with your car the very same way you fell for it when you bought it. You can proudly proclaim “she’s as good as new” and mean it sincerely. The devil is in the detail All you need to do is apply some tender loving care to your car, the beauty is in the detail. Or ‘detailing’ your car. This is a fancy word for valeting and means a really thorough cleaning and polishing of a car inside and out. We’ve put together a few tips to get you on your way cleaning the exterior of your car. The aim is to: clean the car, polish it and protect it, bringing a shine to the car’s paint chrome trim windows wheels and tyres all visible components on the vehicle. Read our guide to washing and detailing your car. What it’s worth You may need to pick up some products from your local motor factors or DIY store but the small cost will be worth it. When you’ve made the effort to ensure your car looks as good as new, it’s bound to attract the right kind of attention which will hopefully lead to a lucrative DoneDeal. Update your ad photos for a quick sale Don’t forget to showcase your work with some interesting photos of your car. Think outside the box, you don’t see car manufacturers photographing their latest cars in housing estates, it’s usually on an empty road against a stunning landscape. Ireland has plenty of these… get out there and be creative and good luck. Detailing your car, part 1 #Motor