Clean up at home with the kids

Parents and kids can clean up, financially and physically, by having a ‘quality time’ clear out There’s nothing like a financial incentive to get children and teenagers cleaning up around the house. But how about showing your children some entrepreneurial ropes by demonstrating how you can take in money for unused possessions? Get with the programme As we all know, teenagers and tots alike have a lot of stuff that takes up valuable storage space and collects dust. By encouraging your kids to clean up and prepare items for sale on DoneDeal you can magically solve a whole heap of niggles in one easy step. Earmarking items for sale Whether it’s an unstrummed guitar, an untouched games console, or even an ill-fitting Irish dancing costume, it can find a new home on the pages of DoneDeal. From bikes to books, CDs and DVDs, nothing is too big or small to sell and there’s always interested DoneDealers waiting to snap up a bargain and relieve you of your unwanted wares. By turning your teens into traders they will learn the value of money. They will also get the excitement of making cash out of their cast offs. Benefits to parents Parents that find their kids don’t want to spend time with them during holidays or school breaks will now have something interesting to work side by side with their kids on. Bonding at home with your brood means you can teach them core values that will stand to them through life. They will learn how to value their possessions, take good care of them, and figure out how to make cash from them when they are done. The knock on benefit for mum and dad are decluttered spaces, and kids who can fill their own coffers. Plus DoneDealing can allow you and your kids can get creative. Advertising creatives When making your ad include a photograph, or why not make a movie? Yes, adding a video to your ad not only makes it more interesting but is a fun way to express yourself. Remember though you must only put up photos or video of the items you actually have up for sale. Misleading advertising could land you in trouble. Safety lessons Be careful to exercise common sense and safety. Do not allow your children to actually appear in the ads themselves. It’s not that they will expose themselves to danger, but when it comes to kids – you can never be too careful. Adults should be involved in all contact with sellers – through email, text, phone and in person. Read our help section first. Remember: Under-18s should not place ads on DoneDeal. This should be completed by an adult. The contact name, number and email should be a parent’s or guardian’s. The next step is taking phone calls or emails. This is a parent’s responsibility. You do not want your child dealing with complete strangers. If the home phone rings with a query about the ad, ensure the kids know to pass the phone to you straight away. Remember too that DoneDealers meet up to do their dealing. This is your job – your children do not need to be present and certainly should not be dealing with potential buyers alone. Lessons for life Getting your child to effectively recycle their old stuff for you to sell on their behalf, rather than binning it, will teach them value for money. If you are handing over proceeds to them, their pocket money demands may also lessen. You get to spend time with your kids. They clean up without complaining. Nobody could argue with that! #BabyampKids #Declutter #Schoolholidays #Toys