Christmas gifts for a motor enthusiast

It’s early December, we know how you’re feeling. Your shopping list is long and creativity is lacking. Well, if you have a name or two on your list who also fall under the category of motor enthusiast, then let us help you out with some ideas. We have detailed a couple of amazing gifts that will assist you in crossing out a name on your list and we’ve made it simple by addressing different budgets. So from anything from €7 to €145, we have you covered. €101+ €51-€100 Dashcam

€80 approx

Dashcams are the hot gift for a motor enthusiast this Christmas. Available for all sorts of process, a budget in the region of €60-€90 should land you a reliable model. They’re simple to set up and offer a driver peace of mind when out on the road. €25-€50 Up to €25 Air Pump

€25 approx

Air pumps are another gift that can rise in price but some of the most reliable are available for just €25. It’s also the type of product nobody seems to buy for themselves, but we all could really need one. That’s why this is such a good gift to buy. #Motor #Motors