Chip it Check it!

We are supporting National Chipping Month this September! The chip is implanted under their skin and contains a world unique number and not as many owners think, their contact details. In order for the microchip to be effective these contact details along with the details of the microchip must be stored on a reputable database. Correct registration of the your details will allow your pet be returned to you in the event of it getting lost. Demonstrating how to check a dog’s chip with a hand held scanner is vet Finbarr Heslin from , with Holly Walsh from Lucan and Kerri Patten from Clontarf Speaking at the launch of National Microchipping Month, Simon Coveney T.D., Minister of Agriculture, Food & The Marine, said: “I am very supportive of National Microchipping Month.  Microchipping helps speed up the rehoming of lost or stray dogs. This will reduce the cost of caring for dogs while owners are being located. It will reduce stress on people who have lost their animals.   While microchipping is not mandatory yet, this is not a reason to delay because microchipping will undoubtedly speed up the process of re-uniting lost dogs with their owners.” To find out where chipping is happening in your town go to ;  Facebook at National Chipping Month.