Changing times for television viewing with Saorview

As RTÉ gets set to introduce its free digital TV platform, you might want to think about replacing your television – but make sure you know what spec you need to receive the extra channels How and where do you watch your favourite television shows these days? An interesting question, isn’t it? Over the coming year, the reasons people have for owning a television and the type of television they use are all set to change. Your television may be cool, it may be stylish, but will it be able to receive Saorview? We’re not talking about 3D televisions or the latest television model with internet connectivity. In 2011, Ireland’s public service broadcaster, RTÉ, is introducing a free digital television platform called Saorview. This will be great news for about 340,000 households in Ireland who currently receive just the four main free-to-air TV channels, or ‘bog channels’ as they’re affectionately known. The channels and services to be made available are RTÉ One, RTÉ Two HD, TV3, TG4, RTÉ News Now, 3e, RTÉjr, RTÉ One + 1 and RTÉ Digital Aertel. So, how do you get your hands on this? Well, RTÉ is running its own information campaign. However, as a DoneDealer, the most important thing to understand is that only certain televisions and set-top boxes can receive Saorview – these are known as integrated digital televisions (iDTV). Other televisions must be connected to a Saorview set-top box/digital receiver, which is totally different to a Freeview, Sky or UPC box. According to the Saorview website: “Consumers should be aware that the majority of UK ‘Freeview’ boxes and iDTVs will not decode the Saorview service (as they use the MPEG 2 standard) and that unapproved receivers may not be fully compatible with all aspects of the Saorview service.” If you’re using DoneDeal to find a new television for your home and you’re interested in having it ready to receive Saorview, ensure it has MPEG 4 (aka Mp4) and that it is an iDTV model that definitely receives Saorview. You will be able to find this out from For those that have been watching television online through computers, the days of avoiding an extra tax by not having a television may soon be history. It is possible that a different type of licence will be introduced that will cover all media devices and every household. So, if you’re missing the big screen, have a look around DoneDeal for a bargain television set that meets your viewing needs and get that TV licence. Of course, if you like getting your programmes/films online, you’ll want to connect your laptop or other digital devices to a television and you’ll need to figure out how to do that. The first thing to check is whether your laptop takes a HDMI cable or a regular monitor cable. Once you have this information, look for a television that has a matching connection. If you’re thinking of selling a television through DoneDeal, these are the type of tech specs you need to write into your ad. Of course, buyers with their heads on their shoulders will know that, when buying a television, it can be worthwhile to research reviews of it online or read about a particular model direct from the manufacturer’s website. And honestly, if you’re buying a TV that you assume can receive Saorview, do your homework – check and double check. Happy viewing! #HomeElectronics