Changes to the Ad page

We’re always looking for new ways to help out our DoneDealers! We saw an opportunity to provide some guides for DoneDealers when buying online. So we asked Elaine to write a selection of Buyers Guides for our DoneDealers. The next thing we had to do was find a place for this on our site where everyone would see them. We wanted to ensure that as many people as possible would take a few minutes to read these guides & of course our safety guides too. We thought then that we needed to move things around since we introduced “My DoneDeal” in 2012 because you can now Manage all your ads via a toolbar at the top of page on our website. So we’ve removed the links to manage your ads from the ad page and we’ve moved the “Report Ad” to the bottom of the ad itself. Check out our slide show on this blog post to see these changes or read our How- to’s via Help.