Changes in Microchipping laws for dogs

This means if you’re selling a dog, or even rehoming a dog without any payment, you MUST ensure that dog is microchipped and that microchip is registered. This new law is in place to help reunite people with their lost or stolen pets. It is also to help tackle strays roaming the streets or countryside. Over the past year we have been educating our DoneDealers that this introduction into the law was coming with various warnings throughout the site and the place ad process. As per our terms and conditions, all ads placed on our site MUST be within the law. Any ad found to breaking this or any law will be passed directly to the authorities for a full investigation and any action taken will be directly decided by the authorities. We have updated our Animal Policy with the following information: Microchipping policiesMicrochipping obligations  By law, from September 2015 all pups must be microchipped and by March 2016 all dogs must be microchipped before being sold or transferred to a new owner. By placing a dog ad you are acknowledging you need to comply with the terms and conditions/your legal obligations to have a dog microchipped before transfer to a new owner and to provide a certificate of microchipping to that individual.
No ads for microchipping services The Veterinary Council of Ireland advise that the implantation of a microchip is considered to be an act of veterinary medicine and as such should only be carried out by registered persons (vets or nurses). Therefore we do not allow any ads advertising this product/service and would recommend people that would like to have their dog microchipped contact their vet directly. Dogs advertised by Animal Welfare Groups for Adoption are already microchipped at the time of adoption. From time to time, welfare groups and Veterinary Practices run discounted microchipping events, these will be advertised on the DoneDeal site. #Animals