Cash for your Christmas Craft

There is vast potential to advertise a range of festive goods and services on DoneDeal to make life easier for busy buyers who feel they will never get everything done on time for Christmas We hear a lot these days about how life seems to have gotten so much busier – how there aren’t enough hours in the day. The run up to Christmas can be especially frantic for people – and if you’re a small business owner or have a cottage business, or are a sole trader operating from your kitchen table this is the perfect time to make money from making people’s lives easier. There’s always that party to go to, presents that must be bought, a home that would look miserable without decorations, and of course, the festive food and drink that it would be a sin not to consume, right? Bearing all this in mind, small businesses and sole traders should see the Christmas season as a huge opportunity – especially with the DoneDeal Christmas Shop. Eat, drink and be merry Let’s take the Christmas party for example. Getting it all together requires a lot effort and forward planning. So, many people tend to turn to caterers to provide all or some of the following: food drink venue theme decorations cutlery, crockery and all utensils wait staff entertainment music By advertising the full range and versatility of what your business can provide, anyone from a musician to caterers and craftspeople can attract business from the festive season by placing an ad on DoneDeal. Deck the halls If you have a small business that makes Christmas decorations, DoneDeal is an outlet where you can reach out to a broad market, while keeping the ‘Irishness’ of your product as one of its main selling points. Shoppers are more conscious than ever of buying Irish, especially at Christmas time. And for the festive season, even the most modern of households tend to look towards the traditional, opting for decorations such as: handmade nativity cribs wreaths and table decorations Christmas tree decorations candles Christmas lighting trees, real or artificial holly and mistletoe Christmas trends Sarah Cruise, interior designer with Design Intervention, says that shabby chic seems to be the trend for Christmas 2012. “People are looking for vintage decorations with an artisan handmade feel. Rustic wooden decorations, Christmas wreathes made of branches, and snowy twigs give an organic look that’s very popular at the moment. “There will always be traditionalists, as Christmas is a time for nostalgia and sentimentality, so the green, red and gold will still be sparkling through most windows. However some people are going a little bolder this year too, with purple and black decorations being chosen.” Handmade jewellery and crafts DoneDeal is also an ideal way for makers of handmade jewellery and crafts to advertise, whether they are selling inexpensive stocking fillers such as bracelets or earrings, or more top-of-the-range customised pieces for loved ones. Christmas present recipients are always charmed by originality, which is where small traders have the advantage over large stores. Next steps for sellers If you are planning on selling goods on DoneDeal this Christmas season, make sure and read the help section and safety tips first. #Christmas #Gifts #Smallbusiness