Buying second hand for babies and toddlers

Babies may be little bundles of joy, but they are pricey bundles, and the shopping list for the parent-to-be can seem endlessly long – so why not start your search on DoneDeal? As any parent will know, once the initial surge of excitement at the prospect of a new arrival subsides, thoughts begin to turn to practicalities. From the bigger items such as cots and buggies right down to changing mats and teething rings, the bill for kitting yourself out for a new arrival can quickly get out of hand. Browse from the comfort of your home So for the slightly more budget-conscious parent (which is surely most of us these days), it is well worth checking out what is available second hand on DoneDeal before setting out to your nearest baby shop to spend a fortune on brand new gear. In the Mother, Baby & Child section, you will find listings for a whole range of baby equipment and accessories at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Items you can pick up on the site range from baths to bottle sterilisers, bouncers to breast pumps, and everything in between. The biggest savings are of course to be had on the bigger items such as buggies, highchairs and stairgates. If you are in the market for any of these, however, safety should be your top priority when choosing one to purchase. As with all DoneDeal items, make sure you inspect these in person before buying, and follow our tips below so you can be happy you are getting a good deal (not just a cheap deal). Buggies These are one of the most expensive items of baby equipment, which means you can save big if you find a good second-hand alternative. When inspecting: get a feel for its overall soundness – if it doesn’t feel sturdy, it probably isn’t check the brakes check the wheels are aligned make sure the fabric on the seat is not worn out try folding and unfolding it – if this does not work smoothly, it will cause you no end of hassle make sure it has a five-point harness Highchairs These range from the basic to the elaborate, but whatever way you are inclined, the safety features should be the same. ensure the chair is stable make sure the table (if it has one) is securely attached and doesn’t have any cracks that could pinch check the harness is securely attached and all clips work check for tears in padded seats – exposed filling can be a choking hazard Stairgates Babies are endlessly fascinated by stairs, so this is an essential piece of equipment for most homes. Try to choose one that is relatively easy to fit, for your own convenience, and do the following safety checks: make sure the bars are no more than 6.5cm apart check the gate locks securely – a curious baby can be very persistent! check for signs of damage such as warping, splintering or worn seams avoid gates that have been painted or varnished as they may harbour nasty chemicals Note: For all baby equipment, try to find out if the particular model has every been recalled by the manufacturer. Often, a simple web search will throw up the information you need. #BabyampKids #BabyWear #Toys