Buying hints for would-be happy snappers

From professional photographers to the Facebook paparazzi, there is something for camera enthusiasts across the board on DoneDeal. We explain the different types of cameras available so you can make a snap decision Ever feel like you were being followed by the paparazzi? It seems that everyone these days is taking photos, whether it’s at a wedding or a festival or just a Sunday in the park. Know what you want and focus your camera buying While many people just upload straight to Facebook from their camera phone or forget to get their compact camera images printed, others get lens-envy and pine for cameras that have that professional look – the digital SLR. There are many types of cameras and brands to choose from on DoneDeal. Making an informed decision is important if you’re to achieve the results you’re aiming for with the purchase of a new camera. To simplify things we’re going to talk about three different types of digital camera. Compact camera This is the standard rectangular camera that’s normally just slightly larger than your mobile phone. It has a small zoom lens that extends from the camera when you turn it on and press the zoom button. Users generally use the screen at the back of the camera to compose their images and view photos they have already taken. It often has video capability too and has an in-built flash. Commonly found in back pockets and handbags, and whipped out to take point-and-click photos. Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) aka DSLR A DSLR is what you will see most professional photographers use. This consists of a camera body with an in-built flash. Lenses must normally be purchased separately and vary from wide angle to strong zoom. External flashes can also be added. Traditionally users look through an eyepiece rather than the screen to compose photos. DSLRs vary from novice cameras to highly expensive professional models. Commonly found in a well-padded camera bag or on a strap around the neck of a creative-type. Bridge camera The bridge camera is a combination of a compact camera and a DSLR. It looks like a more compact DSLR but doesn’t have interchangeable lenses. Like the compact, users generally compose their image using the screen at the back of the camera. These cameras can have strong zoom and give users the comfort of a compact while having similar results to a DSLR. Commonly found left casually on a table as they’re not handbag-friendly and owners may not feel the need for a camera bag because there’s no need for interchangeable lenses. Whichever of the above is more to your taste, there’s always a great selection for sale on DoneDeal. Consider your photo needs Before you buy, however, you may need to consider what sort of photos you want to take. Zoom and megapixels (MP) are very important. In essence, the higher the MP (eg 14MP vs 5 MP) the bigger you can print out your photo. If social shots/close-ups are your thing rather than more creative shots, a lower zoom may be sufficient. If you want to get really creative, take photos from a distance or snap away at wildlife a good camera book or lessons and a DSLR is your best bet. Happy snapping! #Cameras #Electronics #Gadgets #HomeElectronics