Buy and sell seasonal clothes for year-round cash

A change of season is the perfect time for a clear out. Whether you’re looking to buy specific items or selling to fund a new wardrobe, you’ll find great deals on offer all year long We increasingly hear the phrases ‘Global Village’, or ‘It’s a small world’; Australia is just a hop, Skype and jump away and you can come face to FaceTime with pals in Asia. Yet we find it difficult to imagine that as we’re reaching for the hats and scarves, someone else is in need of a bikini and sun cream. Photo credit: iStockphoto/adisa Clear out your summer wardrobe For every extra layer you’re starting to add there’s a holiday-maker about to hop on a plane to bask in the heat. So, if you don’t know what to do with all your summer cast-offs, why not sell them on DoneDeal to a lucky jet-setter bound for sunnier climes? There’s no need to look despairingly at a wardrobe full of shorts, vest tops, flip-flops and sundresses as the autumn chill sets in. Remember, there are hordes of holiday-makers already on DoneDeal searching for bargains in the Holidays & Tickets section looking for last minute deals. Someone who’s just snapped up a trip to Portugal or Puerto Del Carmen will easily stay on DoneDeal to look for great deals on clothes and accessories – especially sexy summer dresses for the clubbing scene. And why stop at clothes? Don’t forget that a sun holiday involves a last minute rush for other necessities such as sunglasses, luggage, and beach gear. You could be making life a lot easier for someone heading away by putting your unwanted items up for sale on DoneDeal. Save vital spending money For buyers wanting to look extra cool on their trip abroad but lacking the extra cash to splash out on brand new designer sunglasses or top quality swimwear, it’s well worth checking out the Clothes & Lifestyle section of DoneDeal. Sunglasses for men and women are available in brands like Prada, D&G, and Ray-Ban. Buyers should also remember that you can buy for any season – holiday or no holiday. DoneDeal is brimming with timeless classics for any occasion at great prices. Vintage dresses, which are now even more popular thanks to shows like ‘Mad Men’ and the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’, are always a big seller. Sell unwanted winter gear Winter clothes can also be bought and sold on DoneDeal during the summer months, or indeed at any time of the year. If you have ski gear that you don’t think you’ll use again, you’ll have no problem selling it. Someone who’s forked out on a skiing holiday will often be looking for trendy brands such as The North Face and Abercrombie at bargain prices. Also have a look at DoneDeal’s Sport & Hobbies section for ideas on equipment you could be selling. Buy and sell at any time of the year People also use DoneDeal to find bargain occasion wear. A winter wedding, for example, requires a stylish winter coat. Why not sell your unwanted one? Most women’s winter wardrobes are incomplete without the obligatory knee-high boots, either for daytime or a night out. Knee-highs will never go out of fashion, so it’s a win for both buyers and sellers on DoneDeal. Whatever the weather and whatever the season, whether you’re buying or selling you can take advantage of the year-round bargains to be had on DoneDeal. You might just make enough cash to visit your friend on the other side of the world instead of just Tweeting. #ClothesampLifestyle #HolidaysampTickets #SportampHobbies #Wedding