Buy a phone – not a heap of trouble

When purchasing a second-hand mobile phone, there are some steps you can take to avoid being ripped off If you’re buying a mobile phone advertised on DoneDeal, there are a number of things to take into consideration to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase. Firstly, make sure you’re buying the item you want. Ensure the features advertised by the seller match the features in the mobile phone manufacturer’s website or product specification brochure. You’ll also want to know that the phone will work with your mobile phone network. If a mobile phone is still ‘in contract’, the buyer got it at a discounted price from their mobile phone network. This usually means that it will work on that network only for a certain amount of time unless it is unlocked or is ‘Sim unblocked’. The comparable term for iPhones is ‘jailbreak’. This can have downsides that you may want to research. Have your eyes peeled for scam artists when buying a mobile phone. Copyright:bclinesmith You’ll also have to ask what happens to the phone if you buy one that’s in contract and the seller stops paying their phone bills. If you’re worried you may be buying a stolen phone, first check you can make calls using your Sim. Every phone has an IMEI number. If stolen, the IMEI can be blocked (via the mobile phone network) so that it cannot be used to make calls on any network in that country. Keeping security in mind, it’s important that you really take on board the advice in the DoneDeal Safety Guide. You should always meet the seller in person to check your intended purchase first – even if free postage is offered. Never, ever agree to any transaction via DoneDeal that involves payment by cheque or electronically or via post. Deal in person, using cash, postal orders or bank drafts. Buyers need to meet the seller in person to ensure: the phone is in full working order the phone works on the mobile phone network of your choice (pop your Sim card in it to check) you are not dealing with a scam artist who will take your money and not send on the phone – possibly because there was no phone in the first place the phone you think you are buying is not counterfeit and is the model you want (We would recommend that you check by comparing with the same phone in a phone shop to ensure the phone you are buying has all the same buttons, icons, etc) that you can view the original packaging or receipt to ensure it’s not stolen or in contract the box you receive has the phone in it (open the actual box and close it yourself before handing over any money). Check out this video for tips on how to spot fake iPhones – bare in mind that not all fakes will have all these differences, but watch for any differences between the phone you’re trying to buy and genuine phones. Search by county to find a seller you can travel to easily or only contact sellers willing to travel to you – it’s better than waiting for the post and worrying you’ve been done out of a few hundred euro. Given the above advice, if you are a seller, you can increase the credibility of the sale of your phone by being honest. Fill out the ad with details of the phone’s functionality. Include a photo of the phone in the box, not just a generic image of that handset. Rather than offering free postage, offer to meet potential buyers – specify whether you’ll travel to them or within a certain radius or will meet at a halfway point to do the deal. #Electronics #Phones #Safety