Building Trust in the DoneDeal Community

To help improve trust and safety for all our customers, we’re introducing “Verified Email” for all our DoneDealers. To start with, we are now asking all users with an account on DoneDeal to verify their email address before they can contact a seller. As this is such a common requirement for so many online accounts, we felt it would be a good place to start. *Update* We’ve now rolled out “Verified Phone” to add an extra layer of security. It will work by sending a one time password by text message to you. Then you input the temporary password into DoneDeal to verify your identity. By verifying your phone number it will help to make your ads stand out from the crowd as the most trustworthy ones to choose. You can find out how to verify your number here. We feel that both these steps are a really good base for improving DoneDeal and we will be continuing to work on this.  Over the coming months we plan to add further verifications as well as DoneDeal profile enhancing options. This will enable DoneDealers to make their ads stand out from the crowd as the most trustworthy ones to choose. We’ll keep you posted as we go. Let us know if you have any feedback or questions in the comments below.