Brighten up your sitting room

If your living room is a living hell, it’s time to get on DoneDeal and put comfort and style back on the agenda Walk in, collapse on sofa, pick up remote, turn on telly, zone out. Sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be nice to create a cosy, inviting living room for more than just watching the box? It might be time to get inspired without breaking the bank. Start from the bottom up Has your carpet seen better days? Look for deals on original wooden flooring, or new laminate, to give your room a new lease of life. Try to bring an experienced person with you for viewings, to make sure floor products are in reusable condition. Also search for large rugs in good nick to compliment your new floor, these can always be professionally cleaned if necessary. Suite deals There are loads of furniture offers on DoneDeal, plus you have the chance to sell off your existing couch. Items include: New and nearly new suites of furniture – maybe try a different arrangement than you already have, like an L-shaped sofa (if it fits) or reclining armchairs Coffee table – again, you could look for something different such as a long and low table in chunky wood Nests of tables – these are very handy to have at the side of a sofa or armchair when needed and fold away neatly when not in use You can always ask for specific items you want via the DoneDeal’s wanted ads section. Always arrange to see the items personally, to check their condition. Declutter Take a leaf from the Feng Shui way of thinking and streamline your living room. Unwanted books, cds, dvds, games and magazines can either be stored in an attic or why not declutter and sell clutter on DoneDeal. Look for offers on television storage units, shelving and book cases that suit the room’s dimensions, as these will help to create space and restore order to your living room. Room features Embarrassed by your dated fireplace? There’s an entire section on DoneDeal for open fires, solid fuel stoves, gas fires, wall-mounted electric fires and both classic and modern fireplace surrounds. Make your fireplace the feature of your room – not the telly. Another bright idea is to have a reading corner with large, comfy armchair and reading lamp. Browse the lighting section for complimenting light fixtures and tall, free-standing lights to illuminate and enhance your room. Colour change A new colour scheme is a quick and easy way to bring life and a fresh feel to your living room. Neutral walls can be off-set with a strong colour on a feature wall and you can look for accessories on DoneDeal in shades of that colour to compliment the room, including: Lamp bases, using a neutral coloured lamp shade – or vice versa Cushions and cushion covers, which can be dyed in your washing machine to required colour Curtains or blinds Don’t worry, if you change your mind you can try re-selling items you’re not keen on, on DoneDeal of course. #HouseampDIY