Box clever with your TV viewing

Avoid missing out on those must-see television series by buying the boxset on DoneDeal and watching it when it suits you – or, if you’ve already watched a boxset, why not recoup some of your costs by selling it online How do you get through the winter evenings and shortening days? Is it nightly jogs with the latest reflective sports gear or cycles on a Sunday on a top-of-the-range bike? For many, winter is a time of hibernation with extra time devoted to a warm fire, a bar of chocolate and a lifetime’s worth of television to watch. Nothing on? We all know television stations devote a lot of effort to their autumn/winter scheduling. But did you ever feel like there’s nothing on the box – even if you have satellite or cable with hundreds of channels? Does your digital video recorder (DVR or what many of us just call Sky+) get full up of stuff you intend to watch so that you miss out on the programmes everyone else is talking about? There is an alternative and it’s called the DVD boxset. For a lot of people, the boxset is the new way of watching really good telly. It’s so easy to miss out on a series because it was over before you heard the hype or, perhaps, because the second, third or 10th series is what really made it famous. One of the ways for DoneDealers to catch up on these epic and popular television series is to search for the boxset – on DoneDeal of course. Just go straight to the Videos & DVDs section and see if you can find that must-see show. Words of advice However, we advise the following precautions: You need to view items in person before buying them. This is so you know it’s a genuine sale and not someone trying to rip you off by promising to post stuff once they’ve received your cash. DVDs are famous for getting scratched – you need to check each disc first to ensure it’s not scratched, unplayable and a waste of money. Or worse, imagine if the last episode was scratched – how would you find out how the series ended? You also want to see the original packaging to make sure you’re not paying for something that has ‘rental only not for resale’ or is a knock-off version. While some DVD rental outlets do resell rental stock, they’re usually at a lower price because they’ve been rented out and used so many times. If you buy a pirated DVD, apart from damaging the television/movie industry, you’re likely to get something that is of an unreliable and substandard quality. Cashing in On a positive note, however, while people may share boxsets with friends, they’re not something that they’ll have watched over and over again. If you’re someone with a growing pile of boxsets filling the shelves, why not capitalise on it? Our advice for sellers is to photograph your boxsets, including the shiny side of a DVD disc so a buyer knows they’re in fairly good condition. Don’t forget, you can also find a television, DVD or projector to create that home-cinema environment. If you’re in Ireland and buying a TV check out our blog on Saorview-compatible televisions. #Electronics #HomeElectronics