Animal Welfare Follow-Up

Last Saturday we (Melrona & Fred) met with three great people who do fantastic work for animal welfare in Ireland. We met with Christine Plunkett from Tipp-Off Animal Rescue, Miriam Anderson from Anvil Ireland, and Gill Brady from Celtic Animal Life Line. This meeting was organised after meeting at the National Animal Welfare Forum on 22nd May. Here is a list of the actions that were decided at the meeting: Actions DoneDeal will find a way to educate people who advertise dogs “free to good home”, to tell them about the risks involved when giving dogs away for free. Most of these people are not aware that they may be taken advantage of, and that the “buyer” might resell the dog, or worse. DoneDeal will look at ways to better educate buyers how to stay away from dodgy sellers, maybe a pop-up when someone is getting the contact details from an ad? The rescue section in DoneDeal should be promoted much more. At the moment there are only 17 dogs in the rescue section, but as soon as we get 50 rescue dogs DoneDeal will promote the rescue section as the first port of call for any person looking for a dog. We believe every person looking for a dog should start in the rescue section. This helps rescue centres find good homes for their dogs much quicker, and it helps educate people about the over-population of dogs in Ireland. DoneDeal will contact Revenue to find out how to report large scale breeders for tax evasion. DoneDeal will feature a rescue centre on the site each month. Elaine will write an article about the people involved and the great work they do, to help educate the public about rescue centres, and to raise the profile about rescue centres. DoneDeal is looking at various ways to track sellers better, so that we have a physical address to use if the premises needs to be investigated. DoneDeal is currently testing a technology that can block specific computers from placing ads on DoneDeal. This makes it much easier to identify large scale breeders, and block them from using DoneDeal. DoneDeal will continue to run banner campaigns to promote responsible dog ownership. We have run a number of campaigns to educate about neutering and responsible dog ownership. It was decided that we will continue with this on a larger scale, to run a number of campaigns in parallell, showing videos and linking to educational sites. DoneDeal will no longer accept ads that promote bitches in heat or in pup. DoneDeal will go through existing ads and remove them from the site. [Update 8th July: to avoid confusion, we do not accept ads for bitches that are being sold in heat or pup, but we accept ads for bitches in heat looking for a stud. Basically, we don’t like people using heat or pups as a mechanism to try to get more money for a dog, but we allow ads for breeding dogs] We also talked about setting up a twice-yearly meeting with all Irish rescue centres, to get more feedback, and to track progress. DoneDeal will come back with possible dates and location. That is a good start. We will keep you updated on the progress on these action-items here on the blog. Please keep reporting any dodgy ads you see on DoneDeal. Our vetting process stops most dodgy ads, but some dodgy guys find ways to get through. So, please let us know when you spot something strange, we use that information to update our vetting procedures.