Animal Inspection Meeting

We met with the ISPCA and DSPCA yesterday to see how we can work together better to make life more difficult for dodgy breeders. We came up with a number of great ideas to do over the next few weeks: Actions DoneDeal will investigate how we can track the physical address of sellers in the animal section. This will help the ISPCA/DSPCA investigate any suspect ads. We will set up a process to help the ISPCA/DSPCA easily get information from deleted ads. This helps them investigate reported ads, as we have often removed ads before the inspectors get to see the ad and photos. We will investigate how we can educate horse buyers about the legal requirements for microchip and license. This will help the ISPCA/DSPCA track animals, and find the last owner. DoneDeal will help DSPCA advertise their animals for rehoming in the Rescue Section. This should help the DSPCA find good new homes for their rescues quicker. We will arrange a follow-up meeting in 3-4 months.