A Statement on Animal Welfare

John Warburton, CEO of DoneDeal, “As an organisation and individuals we at DoneDeal love dogs in all shapes and sizes and we continually strive to improve the welfare of all dogs across Ireland. Calling on DoneDeal to cease all sales of animals on our site would actually drive the market underground and make it very difficult to track down those who sell animals illegally. We have a strong commitment to the welfare of all animals in Ireland. We would urge everyone who notices anything suspicious when it comes to dog breeding to report it immediately either directly to us or the ISPCA who we work closely with.” Dr Andrew Kelly, CEO of the ISPCA said, “We recognise that online advertising of animals for sale is here to stay and will not disappear in the near future. With this in mind, we work with DoneDeal to address concerns around the advertising of animals online. It is important to remember that animals are not sold online only advertised for sale. We are working with DoneDeal and other organisations to establish an Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group. We believe that by working together with DoneDeal and other animal welfare groups we can improve animal welfare and make sure the public are responsible when it comes to pet advertising. We also recognise that online advertising makes the sale of animals much more transparent and traceable. We have worked in the past with DoneDeal to track down those who have engaged in illegal selling. If DoneDeal was to shut down in the morning much of the market would be driven underground and it would be much more difficult to track down illegal sellers. We would urge members of the public who spot suspicious sellers to report it immediately either to us or DoneDeal.” Mark Beazley, Executive Director of Dogs Trust, ”Dogs Trust is Ireland and Europe’s largest dog welfare organisation. We have concerns around the sale of dogs in the same way we have concerns around dog sale through classifieds but we recognise that the sale of dogs online is here to stay. We have been working with DoneDeal and other online organisations to make sure adequate measures are in place to protect dogs being sold and also those who are buying them. We have also worked closely with DoneDeal to promote the rehoming of rescue dogs. We are working with many organisations in this area but DoneDeal in particular has put in place measures that will improve dog welfare based on suggestions we have made. Undoubtedly, there is more work to be done but measures like this are moves in the right direction.” Here are just some of the measures that DoneDeal take to prevent the site being exploited by rogue dog breeders. We monitor dog ads. Any person who advertises too many breeds or too often is permanently banned from using DoneDeal again. We let rescue centres re-home animals through our web site for free. This has helped animal welfare organisations find new homes for a large number of dogs, cats, and other animals. If you work with a recognised welfare organisation, please contact us for information about how you can advertise and re-home animals for free through DoneDeal. We have a number of rules that go beyond Irish law. For example, we don’t allow ads that mention or imply that dogs should kill other animals, we don’t allow ads that mention Christmas, and we don’t allow ads for shipping animals. We identify best practices for the sale of dogs on classified sites and are currently meeting and exceeding the Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG) standards set in the UK. We help competent authorities, ISPCA, An Gardai Siochana, PSNI, Government Agencies and Local Authorities with information about ads, breeds, contact details, and anything else that helps them investigate an ad or breeder on DoneDeal. We give 50% of our revenues from the dog section to projects for education and legislation through our PetAware project including SpayAware Ireland, National Microchipping Month, Feral Cats Ireland among other initiatives. We lobby for more effective animal welfare legislation in Ireland. We educate our visitors on how to buy a pet and how to avoid unscrupulous breeders and dealers We encourage our customers to Adopt from an Animal Welfare organisation as a First Choice when considering getting a pet dogs