7 Ways to look after your car in this freezing weather

We probably know better than to trust the judgement of our weather ‘experts’ but if they are to be believed, we are in the midst of one of the most miserable Januarys on record.

You know only too well to wrap up, throw on a scarf and a hat to get you from A-to-B without too much hassle. But what about your poor old car? It needs the equivalent of wrapping up too in this awful weather. But have no fear about that either, we’re here to help. Here are 7 key ways to ensure your car stays healthy during the wintry weather. 1) Check your oil 2) Check tyres 3) Refill the radiator 4) Use it Car covered with snow. I bet this isn’t as obvious as it sounds. Some may not have realised a car needs to run in the cold. There is probably a preference from some to take public transport in bad weather due to traffic constraints but the truth is, your car can really feel the effects of not being run. Two massive issues that a consistently cold car can endure are seized breaks and a flat battery. And these can occur in a vehicle left without running in cold weather within one week. So make sure your car is being driven. 5) Park up wisely This may be something that isn’t too obvious. To ensure your car starts each morning, it is important that it isn’t exposed to too much cold and dampness overnight. As mentioned above, the brakes can seize in freezing temperatures so bear in mind dry spaces when you’re looking to park up if possible. If you don’t have a garage, think about some sheltered spots around the street you live in. Even cars left behind a large hedge can be protected somewhat from the cold. Always take into consideration the ice-scraping that may be required in the mornings, so try to leave your car where it is not exposed to the maximum amount of the weather. 6) Top up washer fluid Please don’t tell me you haven’t done this during the winter? Well, it needs topping up right now anyway as this weather isn’t letting up any time soon (according to the ‘experts’) and the spray from other cars driving around you in bad – mostly rainy – weather needs to be washed from your windscreen on a very regular basis. Makes sense, right? You’ll probably use your washing fluid up to six times more in the winter than any other months and it looks like we could be squeezing that wiper clicker a lot more over the next weeks. Another to add to tomorrow’s list and it still won’t take you long. 7) Pack an emergency kit #Motor