7 easy ways to reduce your fuel consumption

I bet you hate pulling up at the gas station to fill your car up again, huh? It happens way to regularly, right? The worst thing about it is that you can physically see your money being poured into your car as the digits on the machine continue to rise rapidly.

Well, as ever, we’re here to help. Here are seven really easy ways that can help you save money. Fuel consumption can be reduced in the easiest of ways. You’ll just have to discipline yourself and if you do, you’ll be making less frequent trips to the petrol station. This should be common knowledge and a problem you should be fixing at every given opportunity. But you would be surprised by the amount of people who don’t regularly check their tyre pressure. Driving around on tyres that are under the prescribed pressure amount will significantly use up your fuel. 6. Lighten your load Again this may seem a simple solution to some but you’d be surprised by the amount of people who carry unnecessary heavy loads in their boots. And when I say ‘unnecessary’ — I mean it. How many drivers do you know who carry their golf clubs in the boot when they won’t be playing a round for another week or so? How many people carry heavy baggage in their boots because they forget to bring them into the house? It happens all the time and — as you know — a heavier car will use up a significant amount of fuel. 5. Reduce your air conditioning use I’ve heard drivers say that this is a myth. Trust me – it is not a myth. Turning your air conditioning on will effect your fuel consumption. If you find yourself stopping at the gas station all too frequently then you may want to think about switching the air con off, permanently. If you start your engine with the air con off then you can use it sporadically when it is needed – which is probably just for the last week of July in this country. 4. Look around for the cheapest prices Another very simple example. This used to be a difficult task. You’d have to hear down the local pub about some petrol station in Kimmage that offers a cheaper solution to your nearest station. But these days there are many mobile apps — and both android and IOS that can find cheaper alternatives for you. You may think that a cent per litre doesn’t sound much but when you consider that you may pour 40 litres into your car at every stop than this does add up. 3. Drive at the speed limit It goes without saying that stretching your car’s speed will eat up your fuel. Even at the start-off stage it is important not to speed off aggressively. An over-the-top step on the gas will cost you petrol. But when driving, try to keep to the speed limit. All vehicles lose fuel economy at speeds above 55mph. Statistics show that driving your car at 65mph instead of 55mph increases fuel costs 13%. 2. Change your oil regularly I annoy my friends and family regularly by asking them about their oil changes. I change mine once every 2 months and I recommend you do the same. It sounds like a messy job but the truth is it takes three minutes for you to pop your boot and to refill your oil gauge. Simply put, the quality of your engine oil does indeed affect your fuel consumption and if you stay on top of this, you will reduce your outlay. 1. Use the latest technology Your mobile phone can be your car’s very best friend — not just yours. Check the latest traffic apps before you head out and make sure you avoid any slow traffic as stop-starts hugely affect your consumption. You can also check apps to get the cheapest prices for petrol stations near you. Why pay more? I’d recommend the Waze app which will steer you clear of traffic jams. #Motor