7 common myths about men!

Common sayings creep into the psyche. We pass on bits of information shared to us we find interesting. But if you have passed on the old ‘Man Flu is a myth’ or ‘Men can’t multi-task’ then you have been wrong, my friend. Here are seven common myths that are regularly passed around about men. 7) Men have only 1 thing on their minds Not true at all, would you believe? Although society paints men as being crazy about ‘no-strings attached’ sex – our psyche actually points in another direction. “Like many other personality traits — for example, extraversion — interest in casual sex varies widely among both men and women,” confirmed sex research Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D. “Some men aren’t interested in it at all. Some are only interested in it during certain points in their lives.” While it is true that men think about sex more often than women, both genders equally harbour a faithful relationship. 6) Of course we can multi-task! I’m afraid the make-up of our brains means we genuinely can’t, certainly not in comparison to women. Scientists have found that the female brain is ‘hard-wired’ to be better at multitasking while men’s brains are better at concentrating on single complex tasks – such as reading or cooking. Simply put, females have a better relationship between the right side and left side of their brain, meaning they can work with each other. Whereas, with men, that relationship is missing, meaning we have to switch off the left-side of our brain to concentrate on something we want the right side of our brain to figure out. 5) You’re destined to be just like your own dad The way Irish society has evolved means we are a very traditional people. We like to follow in the footsteps of our parents and often live our lives just as they did. It is what we know. However, it is a myth that we are destined to end up just the same as our dads. Both men and women are equally influenced by teachers, friends, coaches, bosses, colleagues, uncles, brothers etc than parents. This is not to say we shouldn’t follow our fathers, especially if they have been great fathers…but those who say ‘you are destined to turn into your dad’ are off the mark. 4) Men are not naturally monogamous Get this: “Women are heavily socialised to restrict their sexual attraction to one guy at a time, but women’s biology and personality are both well-suited to multiple partners – more so than men’s,” says relationship coach Deborah Anapol PHD. It’s just that society has deemed men ‘anti-monogamous’ from both sides. Men feel the pressure from their peers to cheat and it is that pressure which leads to the reputation men get. However, men equally crave monogamy as much as women. Another myth that I hear bouncing around from time to time., especially in the modern era where male baldness is no longer a condition in the minority. The myth goes back decades and began when German researchers uncovered a hair-loss gene that arrives by way of the X chromosome handed to us by our mothers, thereby lending credence to this “myth,” but in 2008 a second gene involved in hair loss was discovered that indicated baldness can come from either parent. 2) Men don’t get as depressed as women This is a myth for a very specific and obvious reason. The truth is, men and women are equally as susceptible to depression, but women are most likely to diagnose it in themselves as male pride (not a myth) stops men from realising why they are feeling down. Men don’t like to talk about their feelings, whereas women are much more open to this as a topic of conversation. While statistics would back up the myth that women suffer from depression more than men, the truth is, women are getting treatment for depression more than men, as men are much more likely to turn to alcohol or drugs than they are a psychologist for true diagnosis. It’s not y’know. Man flu is actually real. Some infectious diseases, such as the common cold, have actually evolved to be more harmful to males than they are to females. They affect both genders in different ways. “Viruses are evolving to be less dangerous to women, looking to preserve the female population,” said researcher Francesco Ubeda. So basically, women suffer less from common colds for the purposes that they will one day carry a baby. Aside from the common cold – or ‘man flu – men are much more likely than women to die if they are infected with certain diseases such as chickenpox and tuberculosis. According to New Scientist magazine, men are 150% more likely to die in certain parts of the world from certain diseases than women.