7 affordable ways to pimp up your car

And we’re here to help you through the process. Take a look at these reasonably-priced possibilities. 7. Become really sound Buy: A digital radio system Cost: €80+ We’re guessing you no longer buy CDs and all your entire music collection is now on your smartphone. Well a brand new digital radio system with a USB port will allow you access to your collection in the car. While these systems, along with great speakers, can you set you back, you will be surprised that you can get a decent digital system for as little as €80. 6. It’s what on the inside that counts Buy: New interior Cost: €40+ We realise that all new interior could set you back the cost of a car itself. But we are not suggesting that you purchase new leather seats for the whole car. There are simple ways of taking your interior up a notch without spending big bucks. Go bold with the colours. Pick a scarlet red or canary yellow theme and purchase small items such as mats, seat blankets/cushions or even a new rear-view mirror that fits with your theme. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. But the colour scheme would have to be bold in order for it to stand out. 5. Become visionary Buy: New windows Cost: €200+ This may take a decent few quid out of your savings but once again, this bold change doesn’t cost as much as you would thinks. Tinting your windows sounds like a hell of a job but it’s very doable for as little as €200. Whether you do this yourself or have an expert do it for you, make sure you are complying legally with what is allowed. But there are do-it-yourself kits out there and tinted windows makes a huge difference to a car’s appearance. 4. Screen Buy: A portable DVD player Cost: €65+ This is a classic Pimp My Ride move but a screen on the back of the front seats is no longer just for millionaires. Portable DVD players, with screens can be purchased for as little as €65 and are a very good way to keep young and old passengers amused on long trips. 3. Be Spielberg, on the move Buy: A dash Cam Cost: €125+ Dash cams are all the rage at the moment. You can place a camera on your dashboard and record your whole driving experiences. We’re currently seeing a wave of majestic viral videos that have been recorded on these types of cameras. Plus they are super helpful when it comes to insurance claims. I, personally, love the Nextbase DUO camera which records footage at the  front and rear of your car. 2. Be wheely cool Buy: A new steering wheel Cost: €110+ We all seem content with our standard plastic steering wheel, but buying a modern design can really make your car’s interior stand out. Steering wheels come in a range of materials from carbon, leather, rubber and wood and some of the newest designs are pretty deadly looking. In act, if you really wanted to pimp your steering wheel on the cheap you could actually just buy a wheel cover for as little as €15. Some designs are tacky but if you search far and wide you could find one that suits you perfectly. 1. Light the way Buy: New lights Cost: €150+ The addition of HID light bulbs is an inexpensive way to make your car stand out from the rest. These sort of bulbs are easily purchasable online from all around the world but do make sure you let the retailer know the make and model of your car before doing so. There are so many different designs in the HID bulb range and some of them can look pretty impressive. Again, make sure you are complying legally. Our Motor sections that you’ll love:
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