6 ways to get through lean times and get back on track

If you’re suffering from a touch of the post-Christmas blues, and money is tight, don’t fret. We’ve got some ideas that will whisk you straight through to brighter days For anybody who gets paid monthly or is living in fear of a whopper of a credit card bill after Christmas, January can feel bleak. It doesn’t have to. Here are our tips for getting over a lean January, February, March – any month really! Photo: iStock/chesteref 1. Plan, plan, plan You can keep yourself busy thinking about what you will do once you get your next pay cheque or pay off your credit card bill. Fill your diary or calendar with things to look forward to. Lower stress levels about overspending by having a chat with your bank or even the Money Advice and Budgeting Service to get back on track. Get holiday ideas by looking at the DoneDeal Holidays & Tickets section. 2. App yourself Have a new tablet or smartphone? The quiet, broke, dark days of January are a perfect time to set up a phone or tablet. Don’t have the funds to download apps you have to pay for? Do your research anyway. In iTunes and the Google Play store you can create a wishlist. One free app you should have a look at is the DoneDeal app. Obviously. 3. Get out There is a free world to enjoy out there and while some days can be really bad weatherwise, other days are fabulous and clear. Read through your local paper to find out about free and low cost events on your doorstep. Want to explore further afield? Have a look at local county tourism websites or social media accounts or search Discoverireland.ie. Find nearby walks, and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s free. If you’re looking for kit, see DoneDeal’s Sport & Hobbies section. 4. Stay in Have a DoneDeal party. It’s a bit like a Tupperware, Ann Summers or Jamie Oliver party where you have a get-together and someone tries to sell you something. At the DoneDeal party everyone brings something they don’t want or need and places an ad. You can help each other with the photos, text for the ad, pricing and how you will deal with negotiations and selling it. You’ll need a computer with internet access and a camera, or at least one smartphone. Read through our articles to get you started. 5. Make a wishlist There are so many different ways to shop. And DoneDeal has one of the most diverse shop windows in Ireland. Pick a word and search for it in the search box. Pick a random section and see what it has to offer. Browse by your county to get ideas for things you don’t have and have always wanted – or things you hadn’t realised you could do with. Have a printer? Why not print out pictures and put them on a vision board? This is a place to put images of things you want in your life – and the idea is that because you visualise it, it will happen for you. *Disclaimer: Things may not happen. It’s just a fun suggestion. 6. Spend time with friends and family Ok, so you feel you’ve overdosed on time with family at Christmas, and you’ve probably seen a lot of friends too. One way to have a bit of fun is by doing something different. How about doing a big declutter and catching up with your nearest and dearest to reminisce or have a giggle over old photos or memorable items you discover? If you’re tempted to sell some belongings you no longer need, how about making a project of it with your mates, parents, sibling, partner or kids? You can always bribe them with the proceeds to get involved. #Finances #HolidaysampTickets #MakeMoney #SportampHobbies