5 Tips For Decorating A Nursery

Planning and decorating a nursery can be pretty overwhelming, we completely understand. But try not to stress and consider our top budget friendly tips before you begin. Nursery Makeover – Before We recently decorated a baby nursery with the help of interior designer Deirdre Hardiman for a new mother of twins. Deirdre transformed their spare room into the perfect sanctuary, using items purchased on DoneDeal. The before and after photos show an amazing transformation so check out our tips below on how you can create a nursery of dreams. Keep it simple With all of the cute nursery furniture and accessories available, it can be very easy to over-decorate. Try to keep it simple and decide on a focus for the room such as a piece of furniture or a picture. The stand out piece of the nursery designed by Deirdre was the starry wallpaper which was complemented by the cream cot in the centre of the room. Softly does it Using soft, neutral colours will help create a tranquil atmosphere for you and baby. With the demands of a newborn, you will cherish any form of peace! For our nursery makeover, Deirdre created an oasis of calm in the nursery using a palate of soft creams and browns. Choose adaptable decor Nursery Makeover – After You need to consider how long this nursery will last your baby. Wallpaper or furniture with characters can date very quickly, especially when your little one starts to sprout. Wall stickers or pictures are a great alternative for decorating that can be easily removed when your child outgrows them. Deirdre personalised the nursery with soft toys and ornaments which contrasted with the neutral tones in the rest of the nursery. Safety matters When deciding on the layout of your nursery, it’s important to keep in mind the position of the cot. Keep your baby’s cot away from windows, radiators, lamps, wires and any other potential dangers a baby could get their hands on. Also make sure to keep any furniture well away from the cot for when your little monkey starts to climb. For our nursery makeover, Deirdre positioned the cot in the middle of the room with a dreamy canopy to complete the look. Function first This can be hard but your nursery needs to be practical and easy to use while looking the part for your new bundle of joy. Consider what the room needs to be used for and then choose your nursery essentials. Deirdre included a cot, wardrobe, changing table and rocking chair in the nursery which are all practical essentials both you and your baby will make use of. So whether you’re transforming a spare room or you just want to revamp the nursery you already have, our tips will hopefully make the process run much smoother.