4 tips for sorting out your shed!

Could your shed do with a tidy up before the bad weather really sets in? Have a look at our top 4 tips to help you get you shed in order. All in one go or bit by bit Does setting aside a few hours to clean up your shed all in one go suit you, or would it be easier to do it bit by bit. Decide which would suit you best and then get started. The thoughts of having to spend a whole morning or even a day tackling the shed can turn anyone off. But 20 minutes wouldn’t be too hard right? Better to do 20 minutes every day over a few days than to put the job off altogether! Clean slate Taking everything out of the shed will give some perspective.  Seeing everything you have will help you to start to organise it, and having an empty shed will make it a lot easier to clean. Sort it out Now that you’ve cleared the shed out, it’s the perfect time to see what you actually need, still use, or could do without. Separate your stuff into 4 piles: Keep pile – be ruthless here, if you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s time to let go! A pile for items that need to be fixed to either keep or sell – if it’s gathered together it’ll give you more incentive to get them fixed. Recycling/Bin pile – recycle centres will take your recyclables for free, freeing up much needed space in your shed. Sell pile – you can actually earn money from doing a clean out, who wouldn’t want that! Sell them on DoneDeal, make some extra cash and free up space, it’s a win win! Hanging around Make the best use of all the space in your shed. Adding shelving units will help you organise your now decluttered items. Allocate shelves for specific things and label those shelves so you can quickly find what you need will make keeping it tidy a lot easier. Making use of the walls and even the rafters by hanging hooks will also give you valuable storage.