2008 – magic registration number in car sales

Whether you’re buying or selling a car, a 2008 upwards registration is something worth shouting about and this magic little number can have long-term benefits for your pocket Whether you’re buying or selling a car, one thing to keep an eye on in the registration plate is the number eight. We’re not talking superstition like the kind linked to the number 13 – fear of which is widely attributed as a reason for the move to 131 and 132 in number plates. Look out for a registration plate that is ’08 and upwards if you want to increase your likelihood of cheaper tax, an environmentally friendly car or a diesel car. Greener cars, cheaper tax The year 2008 was when the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) motor tax system for cars was introduced. Under the new system, motor tax ranges from €104 a year for the greenest cars. This new system applies to cars registered on or after 1 July 2008 and low CO2 emitting 2008 cars are also eligible. (Some of those high CO2 emitting cars bought between January and July 2008 would work out dearer under the new system and were therefore allowed to stick to being taxed by engine size). If you’re taking this into account, you may notice more diesel cars for sale with post-2008 registrations. This is because they’re more fuel efficient and therefore benefited more from the new rates. In 2007 they accounted for 28% of new car sales and this grew to 56% in 2009 and 66% in 2010 according to a National Roads Authority report. 2008+ registered cars for buyers Check the cost of car tax on motortax.ie by entering the registration or the details of the car, such as engine size – this should be in the ad. If you’re are planning on buying a car and keeping it for a good few years, it could be worthwhile to tot up the overall cost, not just look at the asking price. If a seller claims it is fuel efficient, you can check by doing a quick online search if that’s the norm for that type of car and year. 2008+ registered cars for sellers So, you’ve paid off the car loan you got out on a span new 2008 model car and now it’s time for one of those fancy three digit registered cars like a 131 or 132. Or maybe you’re just going to go for a change of model or go up in the years slightly. If you want to get the best price for your current car and it’s a 2008+ low tax model, this is something you need to shout about on your ad. Mention not only the tax band but the actual cost of tax annually. Compare this to the tax of a similar but older car to show people how much they’ll save on tax. Is it really genuinely fuel efficient? Mention how many miles per gallon (MPG) or kilometres to litres you are getting. (Get out a calculator to give motorists the best of both worlds.) Is it great for motorway driving, nippy for city sprints? There’s no harm in adding this detail as it will appeal to a buyer with a specific use for the car. #Motor