10 ways that Facebook can help you DoneDeal

Facebook turned 10 on February 4th, 2014. Here’s 10 ways to combine DoneDealing and Facebook. First steps 1) Like the DoneDeal Facebook page or search for ‘DoneDealIreland’ in the Facebook search box. You’ll be in good company – we’ve close to the 100,000 mark at the time of writing and have been on Facebook since 2009.
2) Want to share your thoughts on something with us using Facebook? Or know what’s suitable? Find out how you can communicate with us via Facebook by reading our community guidelines first. What we share on Facebook 3) Updates on our charity initiatives
4) Our fashion updates from Rachel
5) Articles on all aspects of DoneDealing from Elaine
6) Photos and video from events we attend like the Ploughing, new things we’re doing like Pinterest, when we’re hiring, new features on the website or our apps, our monthly competitions and funny ads Help get the message out 7) Placing and ad? Don’t be shy. Share it on Facebook as soon as you’ve posted the ad from the app or the website. Add a message to it to motivate your friends to have a look or to reach out to people in specific areas or with certain interests. You can also pick which friend lists you want to share it with.
8) See a friend sharing a DoneDeal ad or post on Facebook? You can share that too to your Facebook friends if you think they’d be interested in it – or if you like it some people may get to see that you’ve liked it.
9) Know someone without a Facebook account that has an ad up? Find their ad on DoneDeal and you can also share directly to your Facebook friends. Add in a personalised message so your friends know it’s your friend that’s selling. Post your ad on the DoneDeal Facebook page 10) We welcome all our DoneDealers to post the link to their DoneDeal ad on our Facebook wall. You can look at other DoneDealers’ posts on our Facebook wall too. You never know you might spot something of interest. #DoneDealing