10 coolest motorbikes on the market right now

And cheaper alternatives that might suit your budget There’s nothing this writer loves more than testing out new motorbike designs. A quick trip to the States back in March allowed us to take in the most precious bikes being put on the market during 2017. (How lucky are we?). But we know most of these designs will be difficult to purchase in ireland and they may not be affordable to all bike lovers. That’s why we have given more reasonable alternatives to each of our 10 favourite bike designs of this year. 10) 2017 Yahama SCR 950 Yamaha don’t only deserve praise for their designs, what they have been doing brilliantly lately is engineering bikes that are fun in their every-day use. This may be a ‘scrambler but it’s a great road motor too. The chassis is designed to offer light handling and competent around-town performance. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 9) Honda CBR500R Image credit: hondanews.eu I’ve got to admit I’m a bit jealous of a friend of mine who has just purchased one of these bad boys. How cool does it look for starters? The suspension may well be the star of this brilliant piece of Honda engineering which is a major step up from the manufacturer’s efforts in that area. Upgrades on this version from last year include the new-look design (it looks dapper on the road) and a smooth-operating exhaust. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 8) Suzuki Vanvan 200 Image credit: suzukicycles.com Okay, this doesn’t offer up too much power, but it is fun to ride. And (I know we keep going on about appearances, fickle are we?) but this is a classic 70s style design that you could never get sick of looking at. The Vanvan is light and nimble and would be the ideal bike to own in a city. It’s a super versatile bike that offers packs of fun. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 7) Kawasaki Z125 Image credit: kawasaki.com Kawasaki seem to be catching up with Honda of late and this is certainly an offering to rival the much-sought after Grom minibike. If you are in the market for your first bike and want to take tentative steps, I would highly recommend this perfectly-engineered bit of kit. The low 31.7” seat height makes this a really comfortable ride. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 6) Victory Octane Now we’re talking. Have you seen this in gloss black? It’s a vision! If you test drove the Scout 60 from last year, and enjoyed it, then this could be the perfect bike for you.  The 1200 liquid colled V-Twin is a slightly modified version of what powers the Scout, but this bike not only looks cooler, it rides better too. The handling of this beats for such a heavy boke, will surprise you. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 5) Triumph Street Cup Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 4) Ducati SuperSport Image credit: motorcyclenews.com Okay, now we’re getting particularly pricey, but we’re also getting much more impressive. The SuperSport is a dream ride for me, I must say. The power of this bike is phenomenal. Although it’s heavy it is a very quick ride that can take you by surprise. It also adds top-quality suspension and clutchless shifting which are huge upgrades on previous designs. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 3) Harley Davidson Road Glide Image credit: motorcycle-usa.com Yes, we’re taking another step up in price, but as far as Harley’s go, this is quite reasonable. It is actually the cheapest bike the company offer that includes the Milwaukie Eight V-twin. And boy is that some engine. This engine proves Harley aren’t sitting on their laurels. This is designers and engineers looking to the future. But the new engine isn’t the only improvement here. Harley have also redesigned the suspension of the Glide to Ride and it handles as good as any Harley ever has – which means it’s super impressive on the road. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 2) 2017 BMW G310R Image credit: bmwgroup.com This is just superb value for money. When you think ‘BMW’ you don’t necessarily think ‘reasonably priced’ but this changes everything in that regard. It’s a light little ride (though it doesn’t look it) and it handles smoothly. But the greatest thing about this affordable effort from BMW is the fact that it totally out-styles anything in its price-range. It doesn’t look or feel like a budget bike, so if you can afford the kind of outlay it takes for a G310R, get out your bank card. If you can’t, have a little peek at this link. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. 1) Moto Guzzi v7 Stone Image credit: motorcyclenews.com This was one of our favourite bikes on the market last year, but this year it has swept all the way to the top of our “I want one’ list. The redesign, taking in comfort of the drive more than anything (and rightly so), sees a roomier and lower seat take precedent. The engine has been pushed forward into the chassis, making the design look cleaner and that engine has been upgraded to a 750 cc, air-cooled V-Twin that is linked to a six-speed transmission. This is the result of taking the driver into consideration during the design process. Impeccable. Too much? Click here for an affordable alternative. #Motor #Motorbikes