“Just NCT’d” takes on a whole new meaning

Ability to get cars tested for NCT at any stage and odometer readings on certs is good news for buyers and sellers Selling a second hand car has gotten a whole lot easier – if you consider the importance of a relatively new NCT cert on increasing your chances of selling. Back in 2012 we wrote about how a car with an up to date NCT cert is like a licence to print money. In the past you could NCT your car up to 90 days before the NCT due date. Not great if you’re keen to sell a car with just six months NCT left. The situation has changed and as of 28 July 2014 car owners can get their car NCT’d at any stage – and the NCT is valid from that day for one year or two years (depending on the age of car). Good news for buyers, sellers and auto trade There’s nothing to stop a buyer asking for a car to have a new NCT before they go ahead with the sale. For sellers, it’s in their interests to have a car with an up to date NCT at the time of selling for a quick sale. Making a car roadworthy can involve some work on it, which is good news for mechanics, parts and tyre companies. How it works “Voluntary Early Testing of Vehicles” means very simply if you want an up to date NCT on your car valid for another two years (or 1 year for cars over 10 years old) you can book it in for an NCT rather than waiting for specific dates. What about the first NCT? All cars need to be NCT’d for the first time at four years and while vehicles presenting for an NCT younger than 2 years can be tested they won’t receive a certificate and their next NCT due date will remain the 4th anniversary of the first date of registration. Good news for (some) owners of 9-year-old cars From the age of 10, cars get an NCT car for one year. However if you present your car for NCT more than 90 days before its 10th anniversary of registration (NCT due date), you will receive a 2 year certificate from the date it passes – rather than a 1 year cert from the anniversary of the registration date if they wait until they are due. Clocking cars out A new addition to the NCT cert will be odometer readings, starting 28 July 2014. The last three will be printed on each NCT cert, giving consumers a clear reading of the mileage a vehicle has done. Getting tests at short notice NCT Trade Scheme Want a full test without a pre-arranged appointment? You’ll have to be a member of the NCT Trade Scheme so. Regular test When you begin the online booking process on the NCTS website you will be given a suggestion of your nearest centre. If there’s no availability when you want view the availability at centres within a reasonable distance. So what are you waiting for? Feel like a change of car? Get a fresh cert for your NCT and start DoneDealing. Read the details in full from the NCTS. Further reading Here’s some DoneDeal articles to get you started. Having a ‘NCT’d’ car for sale is, as some people would say, “a licence to print money”. Find out about how you can clean up with an early NCT Read more The DoneDeal Guide to Buying a car List of all our motoring articles on the DoneDeal blog How to find a car for college How to clean up on a car sale #Motor #NCT